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    • Add:佛山市南海区罗村桂丹路芦塘路段珠江照明厂A栋2~4楼
    • Email:xin_hong2014@163.com
    • Tel:+86(757)-85508531
    • Phone:18688276127 罗经理
    • QQ:353026428
    • WEB:http://www.fsxhdz.com
    Foshan XinHong Electronics CO.,Ltd


    Set up in March 1995 as Foshan Haihong Electronics Co.,Ltd ,Foshan Xinhong Electronics Co.,Ltd designs and manufactures neon lamp power and offers related services.The change of name took place in june 2004.

    Foshan Xinhong Electronics Co.,Ltd is well equipped with hitecand staffed with first class professionals.With broad experience in manufacturing and in large scale production,it enjoys a very good reputation for the rich variety and high quality of the products in hong Kong and Macao as well as in large and medium sized cities in mainland China. 

    Foshan Xinhong Electronics Co.,Lid attributes its success to the long standing heartfelt support of its customers and friends in the trade.It will pursue its policy of being trustworthy and business like and continue to provide the customers with the best service of its kind.