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    Hubei: vigorously promote LED lighting retrofit highway tunnel
    According to statistics, as of the end of 2014, the total length of Hubei Province has exceeded 630 km highway tunnel, tunnel lighting the way for more high-pressure sodium lighting, energy outstanding. In response to this situation, in recent years, Hubei highway tunnel LED retrofit system started working, saving effect is very obvious.

    Among them, the western Hubei female mother-speed mountain tunnel, pole Pass tunnel after replacing HPS LED lights, energy-saving rate of 60%; Ma Wu speed Tianjingshan tunnel replaced HPS LED lamps, tunnel left and right hole three months consumption the amount of contrast, a single-hole monthly consumption fell 56.2%. Meanwhile, significant increase in tunnel lighting luminance, significant improvements to the safe operation of the tunnel environment.

    To further reduce energy consumption, speed up the development of the province's green transportation, recently, the provincial Department of Transportation and the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Finance after full consultation, decided to support and encourage the introduction of contract energy management, and vigorously promote energy-saving LED lighting highway tunnel.

    First, clear the tunnel LED energy-saving contract energy management projects funded and constructed by energy service companies, according to the principle of territorial management to implement record management.

    The second is to take on the tunnel lighting energy contract energy management projects in energy service company shall from the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance for the record of energy service companies bidding merit-based selection. Purchase accounting standards based on project size, to take reasonable low price.

    Third recommended "Energy costs hosted" energy services, all highway management department in accordance with relevant provisions of centralized treasury payment system will be paid to bear costs associated with energy-saving projects in the energy services company.

    Fourth, a clear tunnel lighting energy-saving contract energy management projects to pay the costs of energy service companies in the annual budget by the highway management arrangements "project expenditures - conservation expenditures - Production of electricity," disbursed, submit to the provincial finance Office of procurement at the record.

    Fifth, given the energy-saving LED tunnel has been created as a green traffic Hubei Province, important work, the provincial Department of Transportation requirements for executive pay close attention to the development of the provincial bureau "Hubei Expressway LED lighting energy-saving technology theme of the project implementation plan," and points annual implementation plans and select some pilot projects to demonstrate the success of the project was gradually promoted in the province, an active and orderly progress, making the transportation industry and the country in Hubei contract energy management energy conservation and emission reduction benchmark .