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    $ 2 billion plant transformation GT Sapphire
    According to foreign media reports, Apple will spend $ 2 billion to transform the previously abandoned due to bankruptcy GTAT sapphire factory into a data center.

    Apple said the state is located in Mesa, Arizona Sapphire factory "will become a global network command center." Size of 1.3 million square feet of the facility will be fully powered by renewable energy, and is expected to create 150 full-time positions as well as 300-500 construction and trade-related work, far below the required sapphire plant around 2000 jobs positions.

    Apple said, "This is a $ 2 billion investment in our biggest ever." The plant has been used for the production of solar panels, is that Apple will transfer back to the United States, a key manufacturing component. Apple has promised even GTAT bankruptcy, still bring jobs to the area. Apple will invest in solar energy projects, which will generate enough energy to supply 14,500 households in Arizona.

    Apple had bought the plant in order to make GTAT sapphire production. To this end, Apple company has invested a lot of money, so that you can schedule GTAT produce one ton of sapphire. The plant will be Apple's supply chain, an important part, as it provides enough to make the display sapphire or other components. But the fact is, GTAT unable to produce so much time and sapphires, and quickly filed for bankruptcy. Although, GTAT bankruptcy leaving all kinds of trouble, but Apple seems to have found a way to re-use of existing resources. As cloud services become more and more important, more data center is certainly not a bad thing.