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    Tunnel lighting energy efficiency standards to further enrich
    Recently, the Ministry of Transport Standards, Metrology and Quality Research Project "highway tunnel lighting energy technology standardization research" by the acceptance, the project proposed highway tunnel lighting energy saving technology series.

    Highway tunnel lighting system for the protection of road safety operations, increase the efficiency of vehicle traffic is significant, tunnel lighting energy consumption has become the largest tunnel operations management unit energy costs.

    Highway tunnel lighting energy projects as the core, the establishment of a highway tunnel lighting energy efficiency standards framework, to carry out research on tunnel lighting controller key technical indicators and test methods, combined tunneling field testing and laboratory simulation results, proposed tunnel lighting energy optimization design, and economic and energy efficiency lighting systems life cycle analyzes.

    Research formed the three transportation industry standard for Approval. The outcome of the application will promote energy-saving lighting and control technology in the field of road tunnel lighting, improve energy levels road operator.

    Projects undertaken by Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport.